Hey beauty! Welcome to Vibrant Coaching and Leadership – I’m Tracey, a mindset & manifestation coach who empowers heart-centred women to take a leap of faith and start living their dream life NOW instead of waiting for that mythical “one day” to finally arrive!

It’s my intention to help global heart-centred women like yourself live with vibrancy, joy and balance so they can show up as the confident, successful women they deserve to be!

I’m passionate about this because I’ve lived through the struggle to balance being a mama, a wife, a businesswoman, a student and an employee all at the same time along the way. I know what it’s like to want the best for your family, to feel like you’re dropping ALL the balls and put your dreams aside just to scrape by.

I’m on a mission to help heart-centred women reconnect with their divine feminine energy and start trusting in their intuition so they can design an intentional vision for their future that’s congruent with their core beliefs and values, set soul aligned goals that light them up inside and clear the blocks holding them back so they can start manifesting the crap out of their dreams!

My style is a healthy blend of woo with equal measures of the science that backs it up, combining elements of Positive Intelligence, traditional and Appreciative coaching methodologies along with the Law of Attraction, Reiki and Tarot/Oracle reading!

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