The Dream to Reality Mastermind is launching again at the beginning of November 2020 – it’s a unique program that blends 8 weeks of coaching with an additional 12 weeks of accountability, support and tweaking to make sure that you manifest the crap out of those dreams!

By the end of the mastermind you will have:
💖 Clarity of vision, clarity of direction, clarity of purpose.
💖 Brought your beliefs, values and goals into soul-alignment
💖 Identified any blocks you have and developed a success mindset to push through them
💖 Learnt how to manifest your dreams into reality
💖 Confidence that your every decision and action is soul-aligned and moving you toward vision.
💖 Accepted vibrancy, joy and balance as your birthright.
💖 Started building a life that you love, that allows you to be the kickass businesswoman you truly are and were always meant to be.

This is not just another program where you get the modules and then end up on your own to implement the material. I will be there to support you every step of the way.

It’s not for everyone. Not everyone is prepared to embark on a journey of deep diving into their blocks and stepping into their power.

And that’s okay – I only work with motivated, heart-centered women who are ready to take that leap of faith, and know that accountability and support is what will keep them focused even when they hit an upper limit problem and want to give up and retreat into their comfort zones.

I am willing to invest my time and belief in you, but only if you are willing to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed – you don’t need to know HOW you’ll do it, you just need to be willing to believe that you CAN manifest that dream life 💗

Sound like your cup of tea? Join my DREAM team now! 

Registration available until Friday October 30th!
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Not sure if the Mastermind is for you? Read on...

Have you ever joined a coaching program filled with modules that you get pushed through like you’re on a production line only to find that you’ve suddenly reached the end and BAM! It’s all over, thanks for coming, now you’re on your own?

The Dream to Reality Mastermind isn’t like that at all. The 8 weeks of program content are just the part where you build your foundation and get ready to turn your dream from that “one day, I’ll…” into your living, breathing, way of life. 

What sets the Dream to Reality Mastermind apart is the ongoing support you receive AFTER the program content is officially over. 

You receive 8 weeks of program content and coaching PLUS 12 additional weeks of continuing support and guidance from both myself and your fellow masterminders, where we can track and adjust your plan, figure out what’s working and where you’re getting stuck so that you can continue to move forward with confidence! 

Not because you need someone to “do it for you” but because sometimes we all need a sounding board when we’re stuck. 

What’s even more important though is you’ll have someone next to you who understands the journey you’re on. Someone who is excited to help you celebrate your wins – especially when those closest to you “don’t get it.”

Let me ask you: what do a relationship coach, a PhD doctoral candidate, an artist and a catering queen have in common? 

At first glance, you might think they have absolutely no common ground, but they are all in the Dream to Reality Mastermind. 

They all joined because they felt a call. As heart-centred women they felt they were living a half life. They wanted to make a change in their life and business. They wanted more. 

More direction 

More flow 

More abundance 

The program is a framework to inspire you. It will not write your life for you- instead it helps YOU get down into the core of what YOU want and give you the tools and motivation to make it happen. 

This is your official invitation.

You’ll know if it is time to join my sisterhood if you feel deep in your soul that it’s time for change. 

You know that you won’t achieve your dream life with just a few mindset tips and a fuzzy plan. You need more and that’s why the Dream to Reality Mastermind is so much more.

Tracey, I would love to work with you!

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